Health & Safety

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H&S procedure implemented by Centrilift Industrial Services includes:

Method Statements

The method statement informs the project programme and details where, when, how and by whom each process will ensue. The document outlines the role of all personnel and ensures that they are made fully aware of their responsibilities within their position. In addition, the method statement highlights potential hazards and lists appropriate control measures.

Risk Assessments

The risk assessment identifies potential hazards. The document details solutions to potential pitfalls. Every risk, however minor, is identified and assessed. The risk assessment informs the precautions taken by those responsible for Health and Safety on site.

Site Inductions

Inductions are compulsory for every person working on a site under the control of Centrilift Industrial Services. Site inductions include: security on site, site welfare, significant risks and hazards, emergency procedure, fire emergency / evacuation procedure, access rules, protective equipment PPE, drink and drugs policy and accident reporting.

Site Inspections / Audit

Centrilift Industrial Services Health & Safety management carry out unannounced site inspections and safety audits for self Improvement. The inspections / audits ensure that the company’s safety procedures are being adhered to.

Incident / Accident Reporting

Reporting incidents and accidents helps improve safety on site. Near-miss incidents that occur more frequently are also recorded. It is the project manager’s responsibility to maintain an accurate record of all site incidents and accidents and inform Health & Safety in case of major injury or concern.


Our equipment is fully tested and accordingly certified. All site equipment is registered to an appropriately trained representative charged with it’s operation and maintenance. Our slings are tested to comply with PUWER (Provision and Uses of Work Equipment Regulations) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) standards.